The Verification

Separate Yourself

In today’s market, top paying customers are more concerned than ever with the safety of their service provider. Show potential customers that you’re among the best.

Win Bids

Risk Management is a key component of corporate procurement. Travel managers, administrative assistances, and corporate travelers want to know they’re working with a legitimate company

Find Affiliates

Profitable affiliate work is reliant on efficiency. SafeLimos allows affiliates to easy gather paperwork and select pre-approved partners quickly and efficiently.

The Application

Companies applying to join must provide the following information via our online application.

  • Company Name and Address
  • Contact Information
  • Garage Locations
  • Airports Serviced
  • Vehicle List
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • W9
  • Vehicle Insurance Schedule
  • General Liability Policy Showing Each Garage Location
  • Insurance Agent and Contact Info
  • Livery Software and GNet ID, if applicable
Fleet lists are verified against the members insurance schedule. Only vehicles insured by the company are approved for their profile. Vehicles are categorized by type according to industry standards.
Members must have insurance with a top rated carrier to qualify. SafeLimos verifies that the insurance is valid and is added to notifications for any lapses.
Airport, local, state and federal authorities are verified against the claimed service areas. Only those areas and airports where the member has proper authority will be added to their profile.

Get verified for as low as $75/year!